<VV> odd question about July CORSA classifieds

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Later, JR

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>I guess it's a testament to the fact that I'm a member of the "computer 
>generation" and have never used the mail to send a letter that I had NO 
>CLUE what a SASE or 88c was!  E-mail!
> A few years ago my internet was out for a day and I was in a panic about 
> not being able to locate a phone number I needed without google....   my 
> father said "Isn't it in the phone book?" and that stopped me dead in my 
> tracks.. I had forgotten they existed.
> My father recently approached our favorite garage owner/mechanic (a young 
> guy) and asked him if he could borrow the manual for his 2001 Eldorado for 
> a couple hours....   Our mechanic stopped dead and with the most 
> incredulous look on his face said "Are you talking about a PAPER 
> manual?!?!?"  I nearly died laughing when dad related that story to me.
> Ray R.

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