<VV> El Camino Corvair (such a thing ?)

Michael Weary michael_j_weary at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 17 20:01:29 EDT 2010

Years ago when I was fresh into Corvairs I had a book showing 23 of these (exact name unknown) was built by Chevrolet. They were early model station wagon 2-door bodies. Now what really racks my brain is there was one of these stored in the back of a storage yard of a plumbing supplier just off of Old Dixie Highway in Jupiter, FL. I begged my father to trade our 65 Corvair 500 for it, and the owner agreed but by the time my father got around to it, the El Corvairo was gone. Now many Corvair enthusiast have either said I was imagining it, or it was a one-of custom someone built... but it was too flawless to be a fab job, and if it was a one-of it wouldn't have been abandoned in a plumbing companies storage yard. And yes it was logo'd and formerly used in the plumbing business (Dixie Plumbing I believe). So now that you all think I am sniffing brake fluid tell me of these rare car and body style does exist... and who owns this one now. The shop foreman and yard dog said a Corvair fan bought it. That was somewhere around 1977

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