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ScottyGrover at aol.com ScottyGrover at aol.com
Thu Aug 19 20:15:46 EDT 2010

I once had some familiarity with assembly coding--Remember the COSMAC  Elf? 
 Or the Timex-Sinclair TS-80? Back when the computer mags had nothing  good 
to say about MS-DOS or the Intel 8088 chip.
Scotty from Hollyweird
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flash at vicsmba.com writes:

Richard  ,
Say it ain't so ... there are a lot of us old coders out there that  
at one time did assembly language programming.  Almost nothing is  
done that way any more.  I still program in 'C' (not C++) at a data  
base level ... interestingly I worked with a doctor (Vet) with your  
name.  Or could it be you?   Eric

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