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James P. Rice ricebugg at mtco.com
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You guys think more highly of yourselves that you ought.  I know what it is,
or at least was -don't care today - but never worked with it.  Remember, I'm
the guy who one group of IT/IS staff at Caterpillar said "If he can do this,
anybody can."  Being the test dummy was fun, and I learned a lot.

Computer code, like electrical circuitry and hydraulics is little more than
a series of on/off switches.  Very complicated, but on/off switches.

I could always tell when my IT/IS contacts needed a break.  Their eyes would
blink real funny Open. Close.  One, then the other, sometimes both.  Binary
eye twitching.  I would take them for a walk, preferably outside, which
seemed to help.  And buy the a Moutain Dew to calm them down.


Historically Yours,

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My guess is that you and I may be the only ones that know what 'machine
code' is.

Spent 42 years in the computer world doing application system design and
programming for large mainframes.



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