<VV> problems with my car

Charles Birchwood sharpiebandit06 at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 20 17:22:00 EDT 2010

So I had the problems last week of my car running rough, still haven't solved 
the problem because I think I've paid attention to the wrong side of the 
problem. Once my engine warms up, everything starts running rough. if you place 
the carb sync over the drivers side carb, you can read the vacuum, but if you 
place it on the passengers side, the engine tries to shut off. the same carb 
is dumping massive amounts of fuel while idling and that side of the engine is 
running hotter. the drivers side is relatively cool and use about the correct 
amount of fuel drippage. I disassembled both carbs and cleaned them, so I know 
nothing is stuck in them anywhere (nothing was). I've checked my plugs wires and 
then are good, the points are new and the correct gap. The timing is right; I 
haven't check spark plugs, but my probs happen when everything gets warmed up. 
When I shut the car off and let the engine alone to think, I heard the faint 
sounds of heated metal contracting as it cooled (nothing unusual), but then, 
every 15 seconds, I would here this faint: 'phisssss' sound coming from the 
drivers side of the engine. I'm outta ideas; gonna check compression and replace 
plugs next week. 

'65 Monza 95hp PG 'Caroline' Charles Birchwood Ps. 121
"Nullius addictus judicare in verba magistri"-Horace

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