<VV> problems with my car

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And while the carbs were apart, you checked the float levels?  I think the 
"phissss" is gas dripping and boiling off.
Later, JR

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> So I had the problems last week of my car running rough, still haven't 
> solved
> the problem because I think I've paid attention to the wrong side of the
> problem. Once my engine warms up, everything starts running rough. if you 
> place
> the carb sync over the drivers side carb, you can read the vacuum, but if 
> you
> place it on the passengers side, the engine tries to shut off. the same 
> carb
> is dumping massive amounts of fuel while idling and that side of the 
> engine is
> running hotter. the drivers side is relatively cool and use about the 
> correct
> amount of fuel drippage. I disassembled both carbs and cleaned them, so I 
> know
> nothing is stuck in them anywhere (nothing was). I've checked my plugs 
> wires and
> then are good, the points are new and the correct gap. The timing is 
> right; I
> haven't check spark plugs, but my probs happen when everything gets warmed 
> up.
> When I shut the car off and let the engine alone to think, I heard the 
> faint
> sounds of heated metal contracting as it cooled (nothing unusual), but 
> then,
> every 15 seconds, I would here this faint: 'phisssss' sound coming from 
> the
> drivers side of the engine. I'm outta ideas; gonna check compression and 
> replace
> plugs next week.
> '65 Monza 95hp PG 'Caroline' Charles Birchwood Ps. 121
> "Nullius addictus judicare in verba magistri"-Horace
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