<VV> Headlight Upgrade

dheath at vanceandhines.com dheath at vanceandhines.com
Sun Aug 22 19:11:51 EDT 2010

I am wanting to upgrade the headlight brightness on a '65.  I am curious to know everyone's thoughts on this subject.  I would like to go to a halogen bulb; I see there are two types: one appears to be a drop-in replacement and the other has a 5.75" housing with replaceable bulbs, any experience with either?  I have always heard the wiring is suspect when going to these higher power lamps, and looking at the wiring, I would agree (16g looks a little small for the current required).  Any words of wisdom as for going to a relay setup supplying direct battery voltage?

Thanks in advance,
Dave Heath
Cypress, CA
'65 140/4 Coupe

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