<VV> Having the steering come adrift at speed is a real thrill !

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Sun Aug 22 16:43:37 EDT 2010


I don't want to know how you know this, unless you have the video, or the
news report !

When I last drove this car, to and from LA a couple of times, I had no such
problem, but that was over 10 years ago.

How hard is it to disassemble to inspect parts ?

I have the manual, but they never say what troubles may be encountered,
just to do 1,2,3,4, ...

It took a few minutes to realize the diagram needs to be rotated !

The end shaft lash adjustment (left side of figure) is NOT the adjustment I

It's the little screw that appears to be horizontal, until you rotate the
image, that is the adjustment through the trunk area, right ?




I had attached an image, but it got stripped by VV...

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