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A VERY  easy question to answer! You want Cibie E code headlights. These 
will  outperform ANY sealed beam out there, and any other replaceable bulb  
headlight. To purchase,  see:


These are the best  you're EVER going to do. Add relays, and they'll get 
even better. Then you  have the option of overwattage bulbs if you want to 
melt the bumper of the car  in front of you! LOL

John Roberts

While that is true - And I think the E-codes are the way to go for  more 
performance driving. - The easiest/cheapest way to make a modest  improvement 
is to swap your sealed beam stockers out to Sylvania Halogen sealed  beam 
units. They are inexpensive and require no mods to wiring, unless your  wiring 
is damaged. If you do use E-codes, follow the diagrams at Daniel Stern's  
site - and use relays!
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair,  Camaro, Corvette

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