<VV> Overkill/"sound" systems, dancing Corvairs and STIHL

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Tue Aug 24 12:56:58 EDT 2010

A few weeks ago my car was vibrating something awful, and at first I thought 
it was an earthquake, then I thought something was ready to break off when I 
cam to a stop but the vibration didn't stop.

I finally located the source - a car about three cars behind me with the 
windows closed, so nothing could be heard except the pounding bass.

Once I was working with some power tools and realized what STIHL stands for 

Sonic Trauma Induced Hearing Loss !

What will this generation be like in 10-20 years with megawatt sound 
systems, headphones, cell phones texting, and cigarettes (they're not even 
smart enough to quit smoking and never mind STDs !!!!)

I know we were bad and don't ask who "we" are but we all had our faults, but 
maybe people should be required to sign medical waivers if they engaged in 
any of this so others who do not, don't have to paid for their medical 
problems !!!!

But I guess if the megawatt sound system is in a Corvair, we at least have a 
convert ?

Has anyone taught a Corvair to dance like the Hip-hop low-rider's do ?


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> naw,  just "feeling" the
> vibes, instead of hearing them.
> ;-)
> Bill  Strickland
> One tenant in the center I manage installs sound systems in mostly boy
> racers' cars.  He has a reoccuring problem with customers complaining 
> about
> buzzing, rattling, and whistling after the systems have been installed a 
> week
> or  so.  He now reminds customers up front that his firm will not be
> responsible for fasteners and interior pieces that are loosened by the six 
> woofer
> boxes and high power amps.
> It is amazing to me that some of these guys can hear at all.  I've got  a
> respectable hifi system at home and a good radio in all the Corvairs, but 
> I
> still like to hear the engine now and then.  With a flatulent exhaust on 
> an
> engine whining to 8 grand on the tach and rap or reggaeton on the system I
> don't  understand how they can hear anything anymore.
> But then a lot of my parents friends (and my parents) didn't get James
> Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Creedance and the Stones either.
> Bob Hall
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