<VV> Upper Head Stud - Help!

Jay Pitchford jay.pitchford at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 16:54:39 EDT 2010

I've listed this on CCF as well, for those of you that visit both sites ...

I have a complete rebuild in progress on my 140 engine ... split the
block, turned the crank, new forged pistons, rods, all new bearings,
new .030 full-fin jugs. The only thing left alone was the mild Isky
cam. The heads were reworked by Michael Leveque. All tolerances were
beautiful and the engine was going back together smoothly. It was,
that is, until we put the passenger-side head back on.

The PO had replaced the passenger-side head due to a dropped valve
seat shortly before he sold it. We discovered when taking the head off
for our rebuild that he attached the replacement head with nuts that
had a knurled face. This ate into the aluminum and made removing the
head a serious challenge. To get it off, all six top head studs were

I ordered six Clark's .003 top studs, but upon installation they all
flexed badly and wouldn't reach 30 ft-lbs; one spun freely and one
pulled out completely. I ordered .006 studs, getting all five GM NOS
studs they had left in stock and one Clark's .006 stud.

My mechanic put 1/2" heli-coils in the spun and pulled holes mentioned
above, but he tried to re-use the original stock studs with Locktite.
He ended up pulling both heli-coils back through and stripping the
threads in the pulled stud hole.

Is it time for a new block? If so, I think I might cry. I already have
waaay too much in this, and now we may have to disassemble everything
and start over. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.

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