<VV> Front Wheel Camber

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sat Aug 28 09:43:38 EDT 2010

While the shims would act the same for the late model, no one uses them 
as there are eccentric adjusters on the lower control arms on lates!

An alignment guy who has worked on GM products for years would know what 
size shim to start with, but I'm not that guy....

IIRC, there are two shimable bolts on the upper control arm, you change 
both shim packs to vary camber, and one shim pack to vary caster. One 
shim pack change would rotate the upper ball joint front or rear 
relative to the lower ball joint, so that is caster, or SIA kind of.

This shim setup is common to many GM cars and trucks, even through my 96 
full sized Buick Roadmaster Wagon.

Start with two 1/16" shim changes and see what happens.

Frank DuVal

Ron wrote:

>Does anyone have a correlation between the thickness of the shims versus the change of camber for the front wheels on my '62?  In other words, adding or removing what thickness of shim will change the camber 1/2 degree?  It seems to me that there should be some base of knowledge on this and that it should be the same for a late model.
>Thanks for any info that you can provide.
>(Still working on my failure prone '62)

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