<VV> valve adjustment

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Aug 28 20:38:22 EDT 2010

At 08:49 AM 8/27/2010, Harry Yarnell wrote:
>Valves are adjusted COLD. as per the shop manual. Doing it hot and 
>running is masochistic.

Here we go again... ;)

I've always adjusted them hot and running, and they don't 
click.  Only need to do it once.   And I don't much mind french-fried 
fore arm.

Now:   It is my understanding (was told this by someone who was 
there) that in Tonawanda where engines were assembled, and first 
test-run, the valves on these engines were adjusted while 
running.   Is this correct?

...just so I have the right info here.


PS:   I've done the cold-adjust thing and sometimes it works, 
sometimes it does NOT work, needed to follow up and tweak one or two 
to get them quiet    

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