<VV> Corvair Restoration Blog

Karl Haakonsen cityhawk at pobox.com
Mon Aug 30 16:28:15 EDT 2010

  Hi everyone,

I don't know who among you would be interested in this, so if you're 
not, please ignore.... Also, some of you are on more than one of the 
mailing lists I used, so if you get duplicate messages from this, I 

I've created a blog for my Corvair project. There are three "categories" 
where I post stuff, the one that would probably be of most interest to 
you all would be the "Restoration" category. To those of you not 
familiar with blogs, the post you see on the top is the most recent 
one... older posts are underneath it. You can filter posts by category 
by clicking on the appropriate category on the right.

Anyway, I have a baby due in a few weeks, so the going will be pretty 
slow at the start, so please be patient. If you are so inclined, 
constructive comments are appreciated. I have the blog password 
protected for now to keep the trolls and spammers out. The password is 
case sensitive.


username: Karls66Vair
password: PG110Monza


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