<VV> Starter Mystery-Continued/Solved?

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Wed Jul 7 09:19:15 EDT 2010

The owner disconnected the coil primary wire and the engine cranked at normal speed and stopped cranking when the key was back to the run position.  The car has a Pertronix and the thought is that the excessive heat from the engine as it seized caused the Pertronix to fry and now somehow there is voltage getting back to the starter solenoid. A volt meter showed 4 ohms when the wire from the stater harness to the primary side of the coil was disconnected at both ends and the probes were at the wire end and the chassis!  The reading when the wire was tested at both ends was 1 ohm.  Not sure if this means anything.  Before replacing the pertronix and frying the new one because there is a problem with the engine compartment wiring harness; want to be sure all things are considered.  Any comments? 
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