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Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 9 19:49:21 EDT 2010

Hi, I'm a bit disappointed, as the Corvair is one of the featured cars in 
Sundays Concours. The Sunday event, as you probably know, is by invitation only. 
I'll bet most of the invited Corvairs are probably loaded with parts you sold. I 
know mine is. At any rate, hope your weekend plans work out.

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We will not be attending that show but it is always good show of all cars.

Clarks Corvair Parts
400 Mohawk Trail
Shelburne Falls, Ma 01370
413-625-8498 Fax

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I'll be attending the Hemmings car show at Stratton next weekend. Will Clark's
be represented? My '69 convertible will be in the Concours on Sunday.

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