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Sun Jul 11 09:43:02 EDT 2010

Massive Confusion.
After a read-through and looking at the templates I was sent by Clark's, I  
find these points confusing:  AND, several of their pics are so black and  
poor that you can't see detail.
(a)  Pg. 19 of booklet:  Reference to drilling of a hole at  "A".  There is 
no "A" in the pic but it may be in a black/dark area which  would be from 
Clark's poor copying of this booklet.
(b)  Pg. 19 of booklet.  Hole "C" - which appears to be hose hole  for line 
from Dryer to Evaporator, is shown right where I think the Blower Assy.  
has to sit.  This has to be wrong.
(c)  I can find no reference to exactly where you position the Blower  
template to cut the large hole - or is it 2 holes(?) to mount the Blower  Assy.
(d)  there is not one pic of the blower holes - cut, nor any pic of  the 
blower mounted in position in this instructional booklet.  In short, I  know 
where it goes, but I'm not going to cut until I know EXACTLY where to  cut.
(e)  no mention of moving the Windshield Washer Bracket/Tank  Assy. nor 
where to re-mount it.
(f)  1 or 2 of the Templates have 2 Templates overlayed each other on  the 
same sheet of paper - with instructions to cut them out.  Not only is  there 
NO wording on those Templates to say WHAT they are for, but it is not  
clear exactly where to cut to separate them.
I am doing a trunk-mount Condenser new A/C installation on my '69  Coupe.  
All of the above makes me wonder what confusion I will run  into when I get 
into mounting the Evaporator and the Engine area parts.
While I certainly appreciate the vast effort someone put into creating this 
 manual, there are also other small points of confusion for the first-time  
installer where it appears that the manual writer assumed that we would 
already  know details.  I think I'm better than average at figuring out a lot 
of  things - mechanical, but it seems to me that when you write a manual such 
as  this, you have to assume that the reader may be a 1st-time, cold-turkey 
 installer who needs everything written out in clear step-by-step sequence.
I'll be calling Clark's on Monday morning.
Joe Dunlap
2 Corvairs

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