<VV> For Sale Clarks Early floor kit

Mike Moyer vairvert67 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 11 18:28:57 EDT 2010

Purchased 1964 parts car and it came with 

 Clarks Part number C10404:           STEEL FLOOR  KIT-60-64 CARS with rubber 

 Part Number  C3760R: 9 x RUBBER PLUG-FLOOR &  TRUNK-60-64**ALSO** 
  Part Number  C8407: 1 x 60-64 FT LEFT STEEL FLOOR PANEL--22 GA 
  Part Number  C8408: 1 x 60-64 FT RIGHT STEEL FLOOR PANEL-22 GA 
  Part Number  C8947: 1 x 60-64 REAR LEFT FLOOR PANEL-22 GA 
  Part Number  C8948: 1 x 60-64 REAR RIGHT FLOOR PANEL-22 GA Clarks list for 

also have a
 Clarks front valance C1500 List$ 97.00
Clarks rear lower panel C1530X List $197

Entertaining reasonable offers
 Mike Moyer
CorvanAntics Editor
1963 Corvair 95 84hp Powerglide 24K miles
1965 Greenbrier 110hp 4 Spd
1965 Monza Convertible 140hp 4spd 3:55 Posi AM/FM


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