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Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Wed Jul 14 11:09:39 EDT 2010

When I tore down the engine in my first late model (used) I found the 
evidence of a throttle plate screw in the combustion chamber.
I always use some locktite red on them. Holds them in place but, can still 
be removed if needed.

Rick Norris
#36 Sunoco Corvair

> When the engine was torn apart, we found a brass throttle plate screw in 
> the
> #6. Looks like it was lying in the intake manifold, and the 270 degree
> sweeper rolled it into the cylinder. On the first compression stroke, it
> embedded into the head and stayed there ... no bouncing around or 
> destroying
> things. I have a nice threaded divot in the head, and a matching one in 
> the
> piston face. The mechanic flipped the screw out with his thumbnail when 
> the
> head was removed.
> There was another throttle plate screw missing a head, which probably
> explained why the PO had to replace that same head shortly before selling
> it. Needless to say, the throttle plates are all getting new screws and 
> will
> be splined on replacement. If I could braze them in, I'd be tempted.
> Michael Leveque is now rebuilding the heads, since the engine's all torn
> apart anyway. He found valve guides just about worn through on the PO's
> replacement head, so I'm determined to replace/harden/upgrade as much of 
> the
> power plant as practical now. It means I haven't driven the car since 
> April,
> but I've been assured by my mechanic that I won't have to bring snow tires
> to pick it up :-D
> Jay "Stupid Lucky" Pitchford
> Columbus OH

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