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> Thanks to all for their input on filtering used mineral spirits from
> my parts cleaner.
Well, here is another shot at it, I use this system to clean fuel that has 
been in tanks for a while.  pumps out, thru filter, and back into tank or 
external container.  takes longer to clean if you keep recirculating, but 
don't advise leaving this running by itself for long, safety first.

Not so cheap, tho, unless you have these gadgets laying around anyway.
A low pressure ( 6-15 lbs ) electric fuel pump ( $40 at  o reilleys. )
6 feet of rubber fuel line and handful of hose clamps, worm gear type.
big " sintered metal " type inline fuel filter.

cut 3 ft of line for input side, 3 ft for output side.
I use the filter on the output side, but depending on fuel pump, might be ok 
on input side.
Reverse flush the filter when done, the sintered bronze types will last 

I am sure there are variations.  watch for the sparks when attaching to 
source batttery, around gasoline.

regardez, ken at deltawerkes

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