<VV> Update: John Fitch at Road America

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Thu Jul 22 09:53:33 EDT 2010

Do yourself a big favor and meet John Fitch. A genuine nice guy. 

One day at the NECC Time Trials at Lime Rock, John Fitch stopped by the track to see how we were doing. John would often stop by the track or the concours at the NECC events in his Phoenix just to see the Corvairs and chat with the people. 

One time when I was track event coordinator, John stopped by in the Phoenix with his grandson and asked if it would be OK if he showed his grandson the track. It was during lunch break and the track was idle. I told of course, the track is yours. After all, it is John Fitch and this is Lime Rock. Nice guy John Fitch, take the opportunity and meet him. 

Roy :: Bayshore 

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Subject: <VV> Update:  John Fitch at Road America 
All:  I have been stunned at the lack of response among Fitch Sprint owners 
about the chance to meet John Fitch.  He is 93, and just how many more 
chances do you folks think you will have? 

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