<VV> Late fuel gage

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I'm unable to explain why you can only get 12 gallons into a 14 gallon tank. 
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I put 13.2 gallons in the tank at a gas 
stop on the way to Cedar Rapids.  Had driven 50+ miles after the needle hit 
the E.

I'll add that a typical fill-up from the E mark on my '65 (with no 
stretching out of miles) will take ~10 gallons - usually in the 9.5 to 10.5 

I agree with you that the '60 tank is smaller than 14.

Later, JR

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> Just how much fuel does a typical Corvair fuel tank actually
> hold?   I *know* what the books say.  The same books also claim other
> specs that are wrong.  ;)
> I hear people say 14 gallons but I've never been able to get more
> than a little over 12.5 gallons into anything, and that's filling a
> DRY tank.   The '60 tank won't hold more than a smidge over 11
> gallons and it's been done twice, once after brazing a hole to rid it
> of a leak and once after fixing the sender, filled it afterwards each
> time just to see how much it would hold (at different gas stations),
> and each time it took just a bit over 11 gallons to fill it.
> Likewise the '62 ragtop that just recently got a fresh tank and
> rebuilt sender, and filling it took *Less* than 13 gallons, in fact
> not a lot over 12 and that includes the filler neck.
> tony..

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