<VV> advice request on first headliner install (early coupe)

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Wed Jul 28 22:18:42 EDT 2010

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From: "Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez" <vairguy at echoes.net>
Subject: <VV> advice request on first headliner install (early coupe)

> In the next day or so I'll be starting to install my new interior.. and my 
> biggest concern here is the headliner.  Can anyone give me (or direct me 
> to) some good advice on how to do this?  It's my first one.  This is an 
> early coupe, but I'll be doing the 65' Corsa later this year as well. 
> I've seen lots of goofed up headliners and I don't want mine to become one 
> of them!
> Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III
I got one right.. ok, 95% right about 1990, LM...   I used 3M yellow contact 
cement ...   my suggestion is not to use it, because when you let it dry, 
and then do the " Contact".... it sticks forever right there.  One chance, 
apply as you tighten the assembly, very difficult to do; oh suggest to take 
out the front seats, to get you wallow room.

I would now use and practice with Shoe Goo, which would give you a few 
seconds to adjust the fit after your initial stretch-out.  There are other 
modern, slower set-up adhesives, that would be my approach now.
I found Clarkes headliner to fit pretty well.

Oh, give it a few days after installing, I swear mine "shrunk" a bit and 
took a couple wrinkle-botches out of the liner.

hope this helps, ken campbell, max headliner in ioHuh? 

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