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My story...
65 Monza Convertible (110/PG).  Fuel gauge quit working (went to "E"),  Went through all the trouble shooting including "EGAD"  (replaced the gauge in the dash) Still empty.  So, I ordered up Clarks new all stainless steel sending unit.  Emptied the tank and pulled the sender.  BTW I checked the old sender and it still worked fine...The float was full of fuel!  Anyway, I replaced with the new sending unit from Clarks.  Now, my gas gauge works...sort of.   Unless it's completely full, or the car is perfectly still for a period of time,  the gauge bounces around constantly.  it doesn't show completely "F" even when I fill till having gas run out the filler neck, and the lowest reading I get is about 1/4 even though the tank is probably down to 2 gallons.  Do I have two problems here?   (calibration and ???)

Thoughts/comments/advice welcome.


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