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>>   Well, belt life suffering is the effect. The cause is slippage, which
>>is, I would think, much greater than simply running the engine at 4800
>>rpms (which by the way would be pretty severe engine use)
> I sometimes wonder why more people haven't simply added an AC or smog
> pump pulley to the crank and used it along with a home brew bracket
> to drive an alternator via a 2nd belt, while adding another idler
> pulley for the standard fan belt to run the fan.
> Removing the alternator/generator load from the fan's drive belt
> would go a LONG way towards extending belt life along with making it
> a lot less likely to toss a belt.    Be sure to use a smog/AC motor
> mount bracket.
I think putting an adjustable  clutched drive pulley ( crank pulley ) in the 
system would be good; this is about the same as using silicone belt dressing 
(g) ...   it also limits the combined cooling fan and alternator input 
torque at any engine rpm.  Charging the battery ( and cooling the engine ) 
would have to come from the " area under the curve ", not peak load.
Of course, while the machine shop is turning out this assembly, it could 
give you a dual output pulley, the outer one clutched  ....   hey, didnt the 
69 vair have a dual output pulley, one for the air pump ?
Sorry to mention toy cars, and get a fine for talking dirty here, but we put 
such a clutch unit on a toy dune buggy to keep from breaking drive trains 
when you landed from a big jump.  Real hard on clutch material, but the unit 
was mounted so we could change the friction face in about a minute.  It was 
adjusted for torque clipping depending on the racetrack.
reargards, ken campbell, all clutched up in iowoe

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