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Wed Jun 2 00:27:55 EDT 2010

At 06:08 PM 6/1/2010, Sethracer at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 6/1/2010 1:53:34 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
>cmdoptesc.pwnt at gmail.com writes:
>Glad I  asked about gas; I would've just run it on 87 without a thought....
>The  engine is actually the third engine in the van (I found the PO's
>on  CorvairCenter where he stated that the second one had gone up in smoke
>the freeway), and (like the 2nd one) I'd bet it's a 140. I'll tag down  the
>number on the engine block and see someone can help me figure out for  sure.

It's a pretty good idea to run ANY Corvair engine on high test fuel, 
especially a 140 and most 110s, imho.   It only costs a few cents 
more, and the pinging you prevent might also help keep valve seats in 
the heads and off the pistons.

You can get away with regular in an early model 80hp or a late model 
95hp engine, but still... if they get hot, pinging can still become a 

>As for work, I guess I'll get to it on the brakes,  then!

Well, they do say that starting is optional but stopping is mandatory.

>Travis - You need some reading for your trips - Pick up the "Corvair
>Basics" guide from Corsa. Every new Corvair owner needs that book. 
>It will help
>you avoid 1) costly mistakes and 2) doing things twice. And I am not just
>recommending it because I contributed, it really is worth it.
>Seth  Emerson

Agreed, the Basics manual is a goldmine of useful information...

...well, except for maybe the troubleshooting section which was 
written by a jackleg with no clue.   ;)


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