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kenpepke at juno.com kenpepke at juno.com
Thu Jun 3 08:31:14 EDT 2010

I have replaced the lower windshield channel on a LM.  I have gone so far as to hand form [break & stretch / shrink tool] and brass plate the replacement piece.  I brazed the replacement piece to the body and painted the area inside and out.  I was more than a little disappointed  
to learn, after 6 years standing outside, my repair had failed, as had the original. 
Ken P

Tony Underwood <tony.underwood at cox.net> wrote:  [in part]

This, after replacing that trouble-maker lower windshield panel which 
is NOT an easy repair no matter how good you are, especially if 
Nature had already been there before you.   Done it twice, once on 
the '65 Corsa ragtop and once on another guy's 'Vair.   I had to do 
some hammer/dolly and selective shrinking work to warp the panel into 
correctly fitting the car.


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