<VV> Engine needed

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Thu Jun 3 21:58:29 EDT 2010

At 08:11 PM 6/3/2010, shortle wrote:
>Hey Jason, Out of curiousity, what "'60 engine headaches" in 
>particular are you having? I remember the '60 engine being fairly 
>unique and fairly reliable.
>Just wondering. Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
>Getting ready to drive a Corvair to Iowa

I have a couple of comments if anyone is interested...

1960 engines had soft valves.   More than one '60 engine got a valve 
job earlier than it shoulda.   There's also that sorry choke 
assembly.   The cooling fan baffle is problematic.   It also got 
changed quickly to something different.    1960 engines also seemed 
more likely to leak from crank seals, at least a couple I've seen did 
including the one in my 4-door AND the one in the '60 Monza.    I've 
also seen '60 engines with issues involving the rocker nuts that 
loosen for no good reason.   Also earlier '61 engines.    The oil 
pressure snap switch cooks to a turn where GM put it in 1960 and 
fails more often than it does atop the engine where it ended up the 
following year.

There were a number of things GM changed about the engine as it was 
shipped in 1960.


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