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About 30 years ago I owned a '65 Corvair 500 w/ 3 speed manual trans. This car had factory A/C. I know of a Corsa member in Albuquerque with a '66 500 4 door. This car has a 140, factory A/C, with PG. I'm sure it was ordered that way but I'm sure GM put some of these combos together for the dealers to have more of a variety as Tony mentions. But did a dealer install engines as an option "out of the crate" for someone that wanted that particular combination? I could see a dealer removing an engine from 1 new car and switching it with another new car but out of a crate? That I could not see happening. My question: Was an engine option on the dealer level available or was it ordered from the factory ONLY?
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 

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>>It was a "dealer installed option"? That I did not know.
>>Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
>>Still learning
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>> >>It's possible that it's legit.  95hp was the standard engine for 500's and
>> >>Monza's, 110 and 140s were both options.  For that matter, the 3spd tranny
>> >>was the standard offering, w/ PGs and 4spd being the option.
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>> >I have a 1965 140hp PG engine that I took out of a wrecked 500 4-door.
>The engine appeared to have been original... although it was a '65 
>model car.   I've seen 140s in 500 'Vairs before.   I kinda doubt 
>that a dealer would have installed a 140 in a 4-door sedan stripper 
>unless somebody really had a desire for something different.
>It was my understanding that a lot of 140s ended up in cars not 
>because they were ordered that way but because GM did them up on the 
>line so as to offer a variety to the dealers.   After all... the 95hp 
>engine was "standard" and the 110hp engine was an "option" (along 
>with the 140) but how many 95 engines do you see compared to 110s?
>Of course it doesn't mean somebody didn't actually order a stripper 
>4-door with a 140 engine.   Whatever the case, the car is gone now 
>but its rescued (and rained-in, car sat for weeks with no decklid or 
>air cleaner on it) engine is in the garage, dismantled and pulled 
>down for pondering, needs a couple of cylinders etc and one head has 
>corrosion on a gasket surface that's gonna require some welding or 
>some alumalloy soldering to fix.
>"shortblock" seems ok.  Anymore I try to save any 140 that I run 
>across in my travels... which others give up on as "too bad off for 
>me to mess with".   Got another in a kit car chassis that also sat in 
>the weather for years and although its air cleaner is intact and 
>tight, it's still stuck and likely has water in it.
>I'll know more when it comes apart (slated for later on this summer)
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