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In the LM cars, the 95hp engine was the base engine for the 500's and
Monzas. The 110hp engine was an option, as was the 140hp engine. The
exceptions to this is the Corsa which had the 140hp engine standard and the
turbo optional (which was NOT available on 500's or Monzas), and in '67,
when the 140hp engine was at first dropped as an option, then reinstated on
a COPO. Also, the only year a/c was available on the 140hp engine was '66.

All engines were available as crate motors. But it is virtually certain
that no dealer would swap an engine in a new car with another new car's
engine. It is also highly unlikely that any dealer would pull an engine
(unless it was heavily damaged internally) out of a new car and replace it
with a crate motor. All these situations would be considered unethical
behaviour by the factory, and would probably result in the dealership
losing their franchise. The only way such would have happened is if the
customer owned said car(s) and wanted the work performed by the dealer.

-Mark (grandson of two car dealers)

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> My  question: Was an engine  option on the dealer level available or was
> ordered  from the  factory ONLY?
> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado   
> NO!!!!!!
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> Bob Helt
> No to both of Tim's questions or just one?  And which one?  As  the 140
> a listed option I've always thought that they were ordered from the  
> factory by the buyer (unless GM built the car with it and forced it on
the  dealer 
> as part of a group of cars).  In early 1967 (late calendar  1966) my
> didn't show the 140 as an option, but the dealer said they could  get it 
> (December 1966).  I'm still not sure how one did that until the  option
> restored later in the model year.
> Bob Hall
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