<VV> A/C options and pulley source?

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On a car before the mandate was lifted, you probably are right. Though I think the mandate may have been lifted around the intro of the '63 models. 

On the pulley, you may have to have one machined up just for that application.


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When the a/c option was introduced in '61, full tinted glass was a
"mandatory option". Later on (I don't know when) that mandate was lifted,
and later cars could and did come thru without tinted side glass, and even
a clear windshield. My '67 convert is one of those which didn't have a
single pane of tinted glass in it, yet had factory air.

-Mark (prez of the Air 'Vair Group)

The most common explanation (though not for your car, Mark) was a dealer installation of A/C on a car that wasn't already equipped. It might easily have had non-tinted glass from the factory.

Speaking of A/C cars - Is there a drive pulley available (for use with an aftermarket compressor) which mounts up tight against the factory balancer? I can locate the compressor wherever I want, but the drive pulley on the car was so tall it almost touched the engine mount, effectively capturing the fan belt, making it impossible to change the belt. Any sources?

-Seth Emerson

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