<VV> Barns of parts

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Thu Jun 17 20:50:59 EDT 2010

Every time I consider the list of parts I need for the 65' Corsa (recently 
posted to this list) and the future lists of simlar nature that loom in my 
future... I bang my head against the wall thinking of all the stashes of 
corvair parts and complete cars that have been melted down or left somewhere 
to rot.  =(

I really need to start watching for estate sales that involve Corvair 
stuff.. since I'll likely be the only one interested in many cases based on 
these stories I hear... now if only I knew how to find such things 

Ray R.

the last "barn of parts" that I know of that was
> for sale went begging for a buyer --
> Bill Strickland

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