<VV> Removing an cleaning under top fan shroud

Ray R. (aka Grymm) vairguy at echoes.net
Sun Jun 20 14:50:49 EDT 2010

It's an easy job.  I have one thing to add to what is already posted... one 
of the bolts that holds the top shroud on is under the fresh air hose...  I 
usually just disconnect the hose and remove the bolted on flange it clamps 
onto from the shroud and get at it that way, but I imagine you could 
probably get at it with a wrench and some dexterity!

To help out I'm going to post an "off the top of my head" removal procedure.

0. remove the entire air cleaner assembly or assemblies
1. remove the single bolt that holds the fuel pump in place and wiggle it 
till it is free (they are usually stuck in place from age)
2. remove the alternator
3. disconnect the choke rods from the carbs
4. take the nuts off that hold the carbs on
5. lift the carbs up and off the engine with the linkage and fuel lines/pump 
still attached.. its actually a nice easy thing to move around as a unit
6. remove the bolts from the vacuum tube that goes accross the front of the 
engine and attaches to the air cleaner base (its the PCV system) pull the 
hoses off the carb bases and push the assembly forward or remove it to get 
it out of the way
7.  remove the belt
8.  disconnect the fresh air hose from the top shroud, remove the flange for 
it from the top shroud
9.  pull all the plug wires off the plugs (to reinstall note #1 is the 
shortest wire and follow the firing order on the shroud itself).
10 go all the way around the shroud and remove all the bolts, this requires 
three different size sockets for the three different size bolts.  It's easy 
to miss some of them so look hard.
11 lift the shroud off the engine
12 reverse procedure to reinstall

Many of the steps can be done in any order... such as removing the belt and 
plug wires etc. but off the top of my head this order should work nicely.

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