<VV> AC Hose Question Part 2

Geoffrey Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Mon Jun 28 16:40:21 EDT 2010

Followup to my question from before...

I got some very good replies.   I appreciate it.

I do have a good stash of R12.   I am torn between using it, and getting 
everything set up to use 134. Most likely will stay with R12 for now so I 
dont have to change the expansion valve, or worry about capacity issues.

So for simplicity sake I ordered Clarks hose kit through their flowchart 
for the components I have.   I must say I am quite impressed and happy. 
The only thing is the kit I got assumes running all rubber lines to the 
front instead of using the originals copper...  No problem, just cut and 
fit, but paid for hose I did not need.    So we mounted up all the hoses 
put the new drier in the wheelwell.   So all I have to do now is replace 
the hoses at the front.

So I guess my next question is what to do about oil in the new sanden 
SD5?  Do they come pre-oiled?  If I go with 12 do I need to drain and 
flush it and replace with 
compatible oil?  How much does it take?   Don't want to mess up 5lbs of 

We will pull a vacuum on the system in a few days and let it sit for 
testing.  Then time to give it a charge.  Luckily I have my refrigerant 
certified and licensed  friend helping with the hard stuff.

The next round will be setting AC up in the wagon....

Geoff Johnson

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