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Mon Jun 28 19:24:40 EDT 2010

Anecdotal evidence:

Years ago -- at least 20 -- a club member was honking down the 
Interstate at 70 mph in his Greenbrier.  He got off at his exit, he 
toodled along the surface streets, and he turned into his driveway.

But as he was turning into his driveway -- THUMP -- the Greenbrier fell 
down on the right-rear corner and stopped.

All five lug studs had sheared on the axle flange.

He was running lug-centric aftermarket wheels.

He was VERY HAPPY that this occurred as he was turning into his 
driveway, not while he was hammering down the superslab.

Now, does this settle the debate about hub-centric vs lug centric?  No.  
But it does say something about those of you who may still be relying on 
the factory-installed lug studs all these years after your car was built.

--Bob Marlow

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