<VV> Catch in Clutch

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Oh, Mark...

Assuming you are talking CAR and not truck.  Check and lube the ball at the 
top end of the clutch pedal.  Also check the plastic pulley (two of them I 
think - maybe only one?  CRS you know) in the passenger compartment for 
cracks or flat spots.  You'll have to pull the carpet up.  Do that from the 
passenger side.  And, if I remember correctly, pull down part of the heater 
vent - where it goes up to the defrosters.

Later, JR

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> Catch in Clutch pedal condition: OK, guys, put on your thinking hats. Ever
> since I have had this car (1500 miles in 2 years) there has been an
> occasional "catch" in the clutch. It gets real hard to push the last inch 
> or
> so of travel and you can barely shift, and if you hold it in with pressure
> on it, it twangs and releases and goes to the floor like it should? Then 
> it
> won't do it for awhile, then will do it again. I'm puzzled, usually when
> something breaks, its consistently broken! :):)
> What I have done: Replaced the flywheel with a Dales Bolted
>                           Replaced pressure plate with a rebuilt
>                           Replaced clutch disc and throw out bearing
>                           Completed a thorough inspection of the
> snout the throw out bearing rides on, its original and in perfect shape 
> (car
> only has 67K original miles on it)
> None of this changed the condition.
> Anyone had this problem? Could it be in the clutch arm that transfers the
> cable motion to the rod? (I'm hopeful)
> Mark Durham
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