<VV> rusty engine head removal

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 20:30:10 EDT 2011

Any tips?

I'm trying to disassemble this 140 engine I have that is rusted to death.
I have lots of problems to overcome but the most important currently is
getting the heads off as they are corroded onto the cylinders and studs.

My father says that back in the 40's there was a round saw blade that you
ran with a drill.  You selected the correct size for the stud and it fit
around the stud allowing you to drill the corrosion etc. out from around
it.  I can't find this tool online but part of the problem is I don't know
what it is called.   Any advice on how to get the heads off (as well as the
rest of the disassembly process) would be very much appreciated.

I've also got a good number of bolts in the aluminum parts that twisted off
instead of turning out, as well as many that are rusted to where no socket
will fit them.  Any advice on the best way to deal with this on Corvair
heads and block?  We actually had to cut the valve cover open to get at
bottom row of head nuts... the valve cover bolts are among the most rusted.

My goal is to save the 140 heads, block, cam, and crank if possible.

Thanks all,

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez
Lake Ariel, PA

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