<VV> Oil Filter Leak

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 20:37:49 EDT 2011

I've been using Clark's filters on all my Corvairs for the past 10 years.
The most recent one leaked when installed.  I tightened it a little and it
sealed up, but maybe two thousand miles later it is leaking again.  The
worst part is that I'm using AmsOil, so I feel like it's leaking pure gold

I've got one more on the shelf, gonna remove the leaking one, inspect the
engine adapter carefully, then install the new filter and see if it leaks.

I absolutely love Clarks, they've got incredible customer service, radically
improved their "online catalog" in recent years, and Cal even spent probably
15 minutes or more walking me through solving a problem (on the phone) I had
in my early days of Corvairing when I'd hardly bought anything from them
yet.  I've since spent several thousand with them =)   I've got no hard
feelings, these things can happen to anybody but I hope the filters are
fixed soon!

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III
Lake Ariel, PA

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