<VV> Maddening Electrical Problem - Can Anyone Help

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 02:04:15 EST 2012

Hi all, hope everyone has  a great Thanksgiving!  I had a problem with my 66 Monza the other day where a live wire (I think it was the cigrarette lighter wire) shorted out, filling the interior with acrid electrical smoke.  The car died on the street, I turned the ignition off and pulled my cell phone charger out of the lighter socket.
After the smoke cleared, the car started right up and I didn't see anything obviously wrong.  Then the next day, I noticed that with the key out of the ignition (and everything OFF), the GEN/FAN light was glowing a faint red, and the TEMP/PRESS light was glowing also, but was dimmer.  
I pulled the instrument cluster out and looked at all the wiring, but couldn't find anything out of place.  No shorts or grounded wires.  Sometimes the lights would go off, but then go back on again with no obvious reason.  All this is with the ignition OFF and the key out of the switch.
Thinking I may have damaged the alternator (it's an upgraded Clark's unit with built in electronic regulator), I pulled the two wire connector off the alternator from the wiring harness.  The GEN/FAN came on with full brightness.  Reconnected the harness, the GEN/FAN light went back to glowing dully.
There's power to the GEN/FAN bulb from the dash multiconnector, it's the brown and white wire, with the key off.
When you start the engine, both idiot lights go off, the volt gauge shows a normal 13-14 volts, and everything appears normal.  I've checked the ignition switch and all the contacts appear to be ok, couldn't find any shorts between the terminals.
Can anyone help?
Thank you all...Bill Hershkowitz 66 Monza 110 PG A/C

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