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Mon Jul 1 07:21:32 EDT 2013

The way I do it: first step is drain and CLEAN it. Then try to get or make  
tools for side and pinion sleeves.
I have found that heating the side sleeves with a torch (map gas works ok)  
breaks the bond of the o rings quicker , saving stress on the teeth of the  
I put a mark on the case and sleeve in the area of the lock tab, 2 on one  
side sleeve and case , one on the other, and pinion where lock tab goes. I 
use  one of the self automatic punches. after getting it apart , pray for all 
 bearings being ok! , if not , you may have to readjust the settings  
 I always use the full kit from Clarks with his "bulletproof" sleeve  and 2 
shaft seals. Hardest part for me is a good draining , cleaning , but I  
feel it is very  important. Wash and look at all bearings for color  
differences or gauling. You should use a press and blocks , NOT a hammer. I hope  this 
helps you. It is not the complete story , but a good part of it. Maybe look 
 to your closest shop for help (ranch?)  do not use a hammer !! (last  one  
here was a total from bad work)
regards, Tim Colson

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