<VV> Frito-Lay Chevrolet (Corvair)

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Tue Jul 9 17:46:52 EDT 2013

Today I was at the Martins supermarket in Charles Town, WV and they had a huge display just as you walk in the door celebrating 75 years of Lays.  The display featured a cardboard cut-out of a photograph of a late model blue convertible from a rear 3/4 view.  The car was mildly customized (after-market wheels; dual exhaust with cut-outs in the sheet metal; no badge insignia on the fenders, etc.).  I couldn't tell what model year it was but the top of the dash was barely visible in the photo and it was a Monza, not a Corsa and it didn't have head restraints.  I am still under cell phone contract with verizon in NJ and, since they don't have any antennae in this area I cannot send or receive pics on my cell phone.  If I get a chance at a later date, I'll take a photo of it with a real camera and provide it to y'all.  I looked on-line for images of the promotion to no avail.

~Bill Stanley

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