<VV> Brakes HELP

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I own 3 '69s . 
 It is difficult to do but you have to remove the 2 screws on the back of the backing plate and then remove the cylinder for service. You can't get the piston etc. out of the cylinder if the fingers are in the proper configuration. Remember  the correct '69 brake hoses are different from the other LMs. Good luck with the two screws that holds the cylinder in place. They were designed by a sadist!!!
Probably the PO did some sort of shade tree repair along the line. I believe the fingers were to stop the piston from being expelled from the cylinder. 

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1969 Monza
Searching for the reason black dust all over the tire/wheel cover, I found that one of the wheel cylinder  pistons had blown out of the cylinder. ??? 
There is a plate with 2 fingers behind the "pin" (that the shoes and springs go on). The forward piston was able to bypass this "Block". I could not get the rear piston out past the rear "Finger" but I could get it past the front finger.
It appears that that this pin/finger plate & etc can be screwed off of the back plate. Is this so? Can it be removed?  It's on there TIGHT!
This plate/finger appears to be 1/4" thick.

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