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Hi Bob,

Perhaps you are correct that it was a dealer install item.  On the '65 factory mirror, the entire mirror head swiveled.  Those have some internal plastic parts which break easily should the mirror get bumped.  I don't know if '64 used that one or not.

Stronger than original repair parts are now available for those '65 style mirrors.  A couple of VV members collaborated on that effort.  I'll leave it to them to speak up on that issue.  They likely also have the definitve answer on which year took which mirror from the factory.  But, as you indicated, a dealer could have installed an off year mirror from whatever he may have had in stock.

My '65 vert shows the remote mirror on the body tag, yet the mirror currently on the car (when I bought it as 3rd owner) is the same as the one in the picture.  It has the chrome surround and only the mirror portion moves.  I've always assumed that the original mirror had been broken and was replaced with the later one.
Later, JR

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That's a genuine GM mirror that was used across various brands on various 
models, including the Corvair, 1964-67.  I think, but am not sure, that it 
was a dealer-installed accessory rather than a factory-installed accessory. 
Part number is 3961371.

I have the same mirror, NOS and for sale (shameless self-promotion).

--Bob in NJ

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