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 My other hobby is involved with Railroad Preservation. One of the most avoidable "tragedies" is when a museum without a home they own, aqcuires numerous pieces of real equipment, then loses said home when the benefactor that loaned or leased the land/right of way decides they no longer want to play host. Situation looks similar here.


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 I can appreciate the recent CPF
 acquisition of the 1969 Corvair body shell that was never
 assembled but is there documentation it was the last one
 built or just the last surviving one.  I don't
 understand why CPF would pay 10,000.00 for a shell that
 requires special storage and will be a PITA to
 transport.   I offered my 5997 the last
 Corvair convertible in museum condition for 20,000.00 to CPF
 and was told they had no money or no storage.  I am
 confused.  A running fully documented car with
 historical provenance that is offered for less than I paid
 for it.  Please do not tell me how to spend my money by
 suggesting to donate it.  I am questioning the
 rational.  If anyone is interested in the first Spyder
 prototype convertible or the last Corvair convertible built
 feel free to contact me.  Allen

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