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Tue Jul 30 06:01:50 EDT 2013

Another one to think on would be along with another famous air cooled  car  
(Franklin motorcar?) focused museum . The only drawback is , it  is not 
centrally located. But is nearer (I think, but may be mistaken) to the  area of 
most members of CORSA. My only quick method of figuring this out was the  
maps with pins at a few of the last conventions I attended.
   I honestly think it might be best for all involved to look  into this. 
We now have one nice 60 corvair there on display , along with a motor  on a 
stand. This a very secure ,independent , successful operation. I like the  
fact that they are in no way tied into govt control.  
  I only hope we are not loosing our grip on the past , by not being  able 
to get things together in one place. The Michigan area would make sense ,  
but where is there a museum that would be able to work with the CPF that is  
independent , and has a very secure future with no Govt entanglements? It 
takes  people with dedication , and a perfect understanding of LONG term 
financial  security running such a facility . This combination is very hard to 
find. Good  luck.
Regards, Tim Colson   CNYCC    http://www.cnycorvair.com/CNYCorvair.php

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