<VV> Disk Brake conversions - master cyoinder

Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Tue Nov 26 02:14:23 EST 2013

Seth mentioned that disks will use fluid as the pads wear and the 
pistons move out the bore.
True for sure, but - really - how fast are you going to wear disk brakes 

If you use a stock m/c with disks, just keep an eye on the fluid every 
few months until you determine what's needed.
My '61 m/c is working fine and holds enough fluid.
That's with the drums in front (early Tempest 9") and disks in back (87 
Not spectacular but as long as I can make four black marks on the 
pavement, it is good enough.
yeah, the effort and pedal travel are both more than I'd like, but 
Jay Maechtlen SoCal '61 2-dr modified w/fiberglass skin, transverse 3.8 
Buick V6 TH440T4 trans

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