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Mon Dec 5 00:30:02 EST 2016

No special trick on the Sport Wheel option (A couple if the wood wheel is  
on a telescoping column) I will assume it is an early 65. Just use a regular 
 2-bolt puller. On the early 65, the steering wheel is fixed in  place, 
relative to the dash, since the shaft is solid, all the way to  the steering 
box. The outer column can be adjusted to take out that extra gap.  After you 
are done re-installing the turn signal stalk (probably after replacing  the 
turn signal actuator casting) Bolt the wheel back on. There are two  big 
vertical bolts under the edge of the dash. Loosen them a bit. Then,  down at the 
firewall, there is a clamp around the column. The clamp is part of  the 
3-bolt flange that retains the column to the firewall. Loosen the clamp. No  
need to loosen the three bolts into the firewall. At this point, the column  
outer jacket should be able to move up toward the wheel, removing the gap. It 
 will probably resist, be careful! I suggest you leave a little gap, since  
the stamped steel outer jackets on the Sport Wheel hub often have some 
run-out.  If it contacts the column outer "bell" it will squeak something awful 
when you  turn the wheel! I can personally testify to this. When you have 
the gap you want  and the clearance you need, just tighten up the clamp at the 
firewall and the  two bolts under the dash. 
If there is no clamp at the firewall and the 3-bolt flange seems to be spot 
 welded to the outer diameter of the column - you have a late 65 (same as 
66)  column, and the above method will not work. The relative location  of 
the column bell is determined by the space between the seating snap ring at  
the top of the column and the small clamp at the spring at the bottom of the  
column. I would probably remove the column to make this adjustment. 
- Seth   
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virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

Undergoing garage rebuild and all my books, etc. are in  storage.
Is there any trick to pulling the steering wheel assembly (the  turn 
signal stalk is very “wobbley”) for a look-see?  It’s a 1965  factory 
equipped “wood” steering wheel.  Also, the rim is in  excellent condition 
expect at the “joint” there’s an 1/8” gap.  How  or who to fix this 

Steve Hammatt
Mount  Vernon WA USA

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