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That will certainly leak - especially when it gets warm! I once had a 
similar problem on a bus with an aluminium sump, and I managed to tap it 
out to a larger size in situ. Or there's Helicoils? Might there be a bit 
of undamaged thread further in the hole - perhaps a longer plug would 
work? Or a taper thread might do it - perhaps from a plumbing shop? 
Tricky one - and it's got to be right or the consequences could be very 

On 2018-01-24 14:17, Brian via VirtualVairs wrote:
> My youngest grandson lives in South Carolina and is currently in his
> sophomore year at Clemson University.  While he was growing up he
> spent every summer here with us in New Jersey.  I used to tell people
> it was so that he could learn to speak English rather than southern.
> While he was staying with us during the summers he attended about 10
> CORSA conventions and a whole bunch of NECC track events.  He and his
> older brother enjoyed the conventions and the track events but were
> never really dedicated car nuts.  So you can imagine my surprise last
> summer while we were visiting the family in South Carolina that Sean
> announced that he wanted a Corvair and had saved up money to buy one.
> After a lot of false starts looking at cars that were not bad but 
> well
> beyond his capability I found one here in New Jersey that was in
> fabulous shape.  One of my local club members gave my grandson a 
> great
> deal on this 1965 Monza coupe with a 4 speed transmission.  The 
> engine
> started life as and 95 hp bu
>  t had been rebuilt by a reputable guy here in New Jersey.  It has an
> ISKY cam and a solid flywheel.
> Before I delivered it to South Carolina last Thanksgiving I went over
> the car with a fine tooth comb.  I changed the carburetors, new spark
> plugs, new tires, and anything else I could think of in order to make
> the car reliable.  It made the trip to South Carolina with only one
> issue and that was a squeaking pilot bushing.  Thanks to Spence
> Shepherd in Charlotte that was fixed and my grandson is now driving
> the car.
> After the Christmas break he drove the car to Clemson and has been
> enjoying it and loving all the compliments he's gotten.  Last week he
> called me and said that he wanted to change the oil.  We spent a lot
> of time on the telephone and I walked him through it step-by-step to
> include the plastic bag around the old filter trick.  Today he
> attempted to do the oil change.  Everything went well except-- and
> there is always an except-- the drain plug on the oil pan would not
> tighten.  He reported to me that he could just keep turning it by
> hand.  He made a trip to the local FLAPS and bought both the new plug
> and  some sort of expandable one.  He was able to get the expandable
> one into the oil pan but was not happy with the way it worked.  He 
> ran
> out of daylight so he put the car on the ground and slid some
> cardboard under the oil pan to see whether the plug would leak.  I
> don't remember whether it an aluminum oil pan but I think it is.
> Now this neophyte Corvair owner is kind of in a bind.  Is there
> anyone out there near Clemson who could help this young man?  His 
> name
> is Sean O'Neill and his cell phone number is 803-629-7279.  Some of
> you may have seen his postings on the Facebook Corvair Owners Group.
> Any assistance would be very much appreciated.  Thanks.
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