<VV> Spyder Temp-Press light diagnosis

Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Sun Dec 1 19:11:48 EST 2019

It's a gamble, but I would put my money on an oil pressure switch 
malfunction. If it recurs, pull the wire off the switch & see if it 
makes a difference. Or it may be a wire to either the oil pressure 
switch or temperature sender chafed through somewhere and going to 
ground intermittently. Doesn't sound as though you have an overheating 
problem, and I would be surprised if you have an oil pressure problem 
either. If it happens again & you can't find an obvious cause, I would 
next change the oil pressure switch.

On 2019-12-01 17:53, Doug Mackintosh via VirtualVairs wrote:
> OK guys, I am looking for some ideas or experience-based explanations
> for a problem I have had.
> The car is my daughter's 1964 Spyder. Have been driving it regularly
> with no problems. I recently drove it to Farmville (a little over 1
> hour away). When I drove back home about 10 minutes from home the
> Temp-Press light came on and stayed on. 
> There were no other symptoms. The temperature gage did not go into
> scary territory, there was no lifter clacking, loss of performance,
> problems idling at stops etc. The fan belt was still on. No noises.
> Oil level OK.
> I continued driving home and switched it off (the light stayed on the
> whole time until I switched it off). 
> I figured it most likely was either a pressure sensor failure or a
> shorted wire. Today (5 days later) I did some diagnostics by testing
> the light status after disconnecting the pressure sensor wire, then
> after grounding the pressure wire and then the temperature warning
> wire heading to the dash. Based on my testing everything was working
> as it should with the engine off. I then started the engine and the
> light went off as normal after it started. 
> So at this point it seems to have "fixed" itself.
> Ideas?
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