<VV> Have a worn out 110 block

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 14 12:53:48 EST 2019

Rebuilding my 67 110... the problem: with a new cam, the journal clearances (specifically the one at the rear, opposite the cam gear), will exceed (by several thousands) the factory spec... the block is worn out.??
Looking to Purchase... 1) a NOS block (I know, good luck with that, but I DID find a NOS FC block, several years back); or, a good used block (verified, by mic, that the cam bearing openings are near factory spec).?As an option, need to split the block, surface, and have line-bored... Question: has anyone done, or have done, this (line-bore) operation on a Corvair block???
Thanks in advance... Mike Mauro?

  Mike- I have heard of it being done, but more often, I have heard of people getting either custom cams with journals being ground oversize to compensate for a worn out block journal, or, have the cam journal spray welded and reground to build it up, like this:
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